It’s no secret technology has become a backbone to several businesses. However, employers everywhere struggle with knowing how to effectively engage, educate, and communicate using technological tactics and programs. Fortunately, Jeff Farmer – a Partner at Forté – has some helpful advice for leveraging technology and enhancing the employee/employer relationship.

Why Technology Is Important

The first step toward better implementation of technology is to understand why it is important in the workplace. Not only is it a tactical component of benefit administration education, but it’s also a phenomenal way to get everyone in the workplace involved. It adds additional benefits as well, such as the ability to enroll from home with your spouse present. For example, Jeff speaks on open enrollment:

Going paperless gets everyone involved. Whether employee or spouse – everyone has a voice and a chance to state their opinion…you quite literally can make decisions, communicate, engage and sign up for anything from anywhere. Plus, it’s great for the environment!

At Forté, what we notice most about technology is how it has enabled us to provide access to online education and process critical, daily objectives – such as payroll – in a more efficient manner with less human-error. Online enrollment helps influence employee benefits, too. It’s easier to offer more medical options, seek popular healthcare trends among our employees, provide a one-stop shop for employee benefits, and answer any question(s) they have.

The biggest benefactor that technology offers is the opportunity for online portals and apps. This puts benefits right at the employee’s fingertips. If they have a question, need to update forms, etc., it is all available on the go. This factor goes hand-in-hand with texting. Services like telemed provide time saving measures and remove the need for constant doctor’s office visits.

But how can technology benefit YOU? Here are our top three reasons:

Free up HR. Having access to evergreen, educational resources on the benefits you offer, as well as your frequently asked questions, will free up your HR staff from answering repetitive, mundane questions.
Bring employees together around the world. Whether your business is incredibly large, mid-sized, or small, offering a universal, online source of communication.
Attract the millennial workforce. “Today,” Jeff explains, “employers are going to have to realize that to keep millennials happy, they’re going to have to use technology.” Attracting top, millennial talent has never been more competitive and having simple, efficient, online systems is the first step to winning them over.

Leveraging technology isn’t just about adapting to the times; it’s about making your business a better environment for your employees. If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your employee benefits using technology, then contact Forté today.

You can reach Jeff Farmer at 817.877.0080, connect with him on LinkedIn or send him an email at