Compliance can be complex and costly if you are not adequately prepared. One of the most challenging aspects of compliance is staying on top of the evolving federal and state laws, rules and regulations; especially with the uncertainty surrounding Healthcare reform. New and evolving regulations have made compliance measures something that simply can’t be overlooked.

Jan Cunningham
Sr Benefit Consultant, Jan Cunningham

A comprehensive compliance program can substantially reduce exposure to fines or other liabilities. Forté Benefits, as a UBA partner firm, delivers the most up-to-date compliance information. Our comprehensive compliance program provides compliance assistance across the board including COBRA, HIPPA, ERISA filing and reporting services, IRS and ACA. Also included is a comprehensive review of benefit plan documents for errors, omissions and discrepancies with any federal and state laws.

The best time to prepare for a Department of Labor (DOL) audit is before it ever occurs. 

Unlike the IRS, the DOL doesn’t conduct random audits, so when an employer receives an audit notice, the DOL is looking for something specific.

“My role is to make every effort to ensure that out clients are compliant with the regulations, Should an audit ever happen, help them understand exactly what they are responsible for and walk them through it.” said Jan Cunningham, Forté Benefits Senior Benefit Consultant.

Compliance mandates include a multitude of requirements. Some are the employer’s responsibility, such as regulations, securities, business associate agreements and proper handling and communication of plan documents, notices and reports. Many documents are required to be on file in case the IRS requests them. In addition, there are documents that the employee should have available to them. If you ever go through an audit, your company must prove that you have provided this information, available to them.

“The biggest roadblock for a company can be available time. The best thing that we can do for them is take as much off their plate as possible, explain exactly what we need and let then send it to us.” 

Compliance Doesn’t Have to be Complicated 

Forté takes a proactive approach to compliance by looking at who is responsible for the benefit plan compliance and what the various regulations are that the plan must comply with. Basically, walking a client through an audit before anything is ever a problem can prevent a headache later down the road.

One of the strongest allies in a DOL audit should be your benefit advisor. A relationship with Forté Benefits means that is you receive a letter from the DOL with a long list of requirements, you have the assurance that you are already prepared.

Forté Benefits is Forward Thinking,” said Cunningham. “We are always looking ahead to help clients be prepared. This is what sets us apart and adds value to each relationship. We take care of everything along the way, ensuring our clients are prepared with the necessary information.”


If you’d like to know more about comprehensive compliance, feel free to reach out to Jan Cunningham at 817.877.8832 or send her an email via

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