David Hull

About David

David is a partner with Forté Benefits and has formerly served his country as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

Expertise & Values

David’s insurance career spans several decades, including involvement at every level of the insurance and employee benefits industry. His extensive background as a broker-consultant began as an Account Executive with Blue Cross/Blue Shield in 1972 and grew to his successful role as a Senior Vice President with Alexander & Alexander, a national benefits consulting firm. David’s career continued as a broker consultant in the early 1980’s, during which time he became President of Hull-Brants, Inc. an affiliate of the Brants Company, now the Wortham Company.

David has extensive expertise in serving as the broker-consultant for numerous large privately and publicly held companies. His clients have not only included Texas-based employers but also employers throughout the United States and foreign countries. They also have included Fortune 500 companies and large governmental employers. His expertise includes an extensive background and knowledge of funding methods available in the employee benefit sectors. Additionally, he holds several professional designations.

David is a graduate of TCU with a Bachelors in Business Administration.

David has been married to his lovely wife Jan for 48 years. They have two children and two grandchildren. In his free time, you can catch David on the golf course. He is active outside his professional field and is a member of various clubs and organizations.