Tabitha Biery

About Tabitha

Tabitha is the Director of Operations at Forté Benefits.

Expertise & Values

In general, Tabitha oversees and handles communication, managing both raw materials and personnel, oversight of inventory, purchasing and supplies. She also carries out human resource tasks including determining needs, hiring employees, overseeing assignment of employees and planning staff development. She is affluent in setting goals and objectives, as well as establishing policies for various departments in the organization. Her sweet spot lies in communication and interpersonal skills, which help the different parts of an organization work together. She focuses on creating a positive culture and facilitating communication between employees and departments. She excels at helping resolve disputes or disagreements.

Tabitha is a mother of two little boys, ages 2 and 4, with a third child on the way. She spends her time outside the office focused on her children and husband. Tabitha’s passion is cooking and she takes every opportunity she can to cook fun meals for her family. On the weekends, they are usually running between swim lessons, church, and family events. She enjoys running anytime she has free time and has completed several 5K’s this past year. She recently completed her first 10k in February. She is a great listener and many of her family, friends and co-workers come to her for help or advice or just a person to talk to.