Jennifer Powell

About Jennifer

Jennifer Powell is an Internal Service Representative for Forté Benefits.

Expertise & Values

For 11 years, Jennifer worked her way up within the banking industry from Teller to Assistant Branch Manager, learning the valuable skills of excellent customer service and treating others the way she would want to be treated. Now, she brings these traits to Forté, establishing phenomenal, trustworthy relationships with those she works with.

Her catch phrase is, “Do it right the first time,” a motto she sticks to in everything she does at Forté and in life.

Jennifer was homeschooled and graduated with her high school diploma in 2000 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Every year, Jennifer and her husband volunteer at the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas, Texas. She’s also extremely passionate about a ministry in the Grand Rapids, MI area and organizing events, awareness meetings, and working in safe houses for Women at Risk International.

As for family and hobbies, Jennifer is married to “the best man I know” and has two English Mastiffs named Judah and Brody. Huge, lovable goobers – they all keep her laughing and she wouldn’t have it any other way.