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Employer Policies and Testing Employees for Marijuana Use and Opioid Use

This 60-minute intermediate level webinar will help employers understand how to address drug use in the workplace, including drug use policies and testing.

The speaker.

Jennifer Sandberg | Partner in the Atlanta office of Fisher Phillips

Tuesday,November 13th, 2018 |  1:00pm CT

This webinar will cover what employers should consider when implementing drug use policies and testing for drug use.

This webinar will:

  • Describe the scope of workplace drug use policies and testing
  • Describe the laws and regulations that govern workplace drug use policies and testing
  • Discuss how policies and testing may differ depending on whether the drug use is legal under state law and whether the use is legal for medicinal purposes only or legal recreationally
  • Discuss best practices for drafting policies regarding drug use and testing, including sample language
  • Address how testing should be done, including frequency, in-house vs. using a third-party vendor, whether testing shoudl be included as part of a wellness program, and protection of health information obtained by testing
  • Discuss how employers should address employees’ positive drug test results, including situations when an employee is prescribed a drug (for example, methadone or suboxone while in recovery) and when the prescription drug use may impair an employee’s ability to safely perform job duties
  • Discuss what an employer can require of employees who use drugs on-site
  • Describe best practices for drug use policies and testing
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