Are you getting enough sleep at night? Wellness trends show that having good sleep hygiene is on the rise for 2019. Read this blog post for more 2019 wellness trends. 

Do you have a strong foundation of best practices for your wellness program?

Do you have a successful wellness program at your company? A new study by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan's reports that nine out of 10 U.S. corporations offer some type of wellness initiative. Read on to learn more. 

8 Ways to Relate to Time as a Realist

According to Julie Morgenstern, time optimists tend to get overbooked and overwhelmed when things don't get done in time. Continue reading for tips on how to be a better time realist.

Compliance Recap – October 2018

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Are Your Workers Sleeping on the Job?

Are your employees sleeping on the job? Roughly three-quarters of American adults surveyed reported feeling tired at work often, according to a recent survey by Accountemps. Read this blog post to learn more.

Stress in the Workplace

Extreme stress levels can interfere with your productivity and performance, impact your health and affect your personal life. Continue reading this blog post to learn more. 

What’s a simple addition to your day to decrease stress & improve well-being?

Are you looking for ways to decrease your stress level and improve wellness? Gratitude has been shown to reduce stress and foster well-being. Continue reading to learn more. 

Giving Thanks in the Office

According to an article from Cobb Business Journal, it's important to not only give thanks in our personal lives but also in our professional lives. Read this blog post to learn more. 

How data science can help employers build better benefit plans

Instead of data science focusing on the governing of the definition of data it now focuses on the enhancing and publishing that data. Read this blog post to learn how data science can help you build a better benefits plan. 

Civic time off: The benefit getting employees to the polls

Did your company offer benefits to employees who voted during the midterm elections? Some companies are looking to change low voter engagement by offering new benefits to employees who vote. Read this blog post to learn more.