Compliance Recap – September 2018

Are you looking for the latest in employee benefits news? Stop by our blog today and read UBA's September 2018 Compliance Recap.

U.S. Unemployment Drops to Lowest Rate in 50 Years

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 3.7 percent in September, the lowest it’s been since 1969. Read this article from SHRM to learn how this affects the U.S. labor market.

Why employee performance management needs an HR tech overhaul

A recent survey by Adobe revealed that 58 percent of people feel that performance reviews are not necessary. Read this blog post to learn more.

Are you ready for self-funding? Three tools to help you decide

Is your company ready to make the switch to self-funded insurance? Switching to a self-funded plan can seem like a daunting prospect to many HR directors, but there are also many significant benefits to switching. Read on to learn more.

Business meal deductions likely here to stay after new IRS guidelines

Recently the IRS ended deductions for client entertainment, leaving many confused over the deductibility of business meals. Continue reading to learn more.

IRS updates required tax notice to address plan loan offsets

Are your required model notices up-to-date? Recently, the IRS updated the model notices that place sponsors are required to send out to all plan participants before they receive an eligible rollover distribution from any qualified plans. Read on to learn more.

8 keys to developing a successful return to work program

Does your organization have a return to work program set in place? Regardless of the size of your organization, at some point, your organization will deal with employees going on leave. Continue reading for 8 tips to developing a successful return to work program.

Severance plans: How savvy employers can stay ERISA compliant

Are your severance plans staying compliant with ERISA regulations? An organization's promise to provide severance benefits can be written or oral as well as formal or informal. Read this blog post to learn more.

How employers can support employees during cancer treatment

A large percentage of cancer patients and cancer survivors decide to remain active members of the workforce. Read on to learn how employers can support their employees during their cancer treatment.

Ready for the sounds of office sniffles?

An organization’s attitude toward sick days can affect whether employees will stay at home or come to work when they are sick, regardless of how many sick days they have. Continue reading to learn more.